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10 Advantages of LED Sign Boards

Among the first things that prospective customers would notice about your workplace is the signage. It grabs their attention and lets them know in brief what the business is all about. In fact, they act as promoters of your business. However, a basic signboard might not be enough nowadays. You would need to increase the attraction quotient of the signage. And for that, you would need to make the board more interactive and pack in some extra punch. And what better way to do it than LED message boards?

LED or Light Emitting Diode message boards have become immensely popular around the world as media of advertisement. These boards are flashy, attractive, and dynamic. LED consists of an electronic light source. These are long-lasting and consume much less energy than traditional electric signage. They also generate lesser heat. An average LED signage can remain perfectly functional for 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Individual small panels make up the LED signboard. LEDs are arranged in clusters, also known as pixels. Pixels are the key components of any electronic component. Usually, each pixel consists of three diodes – blue, red, and green. The sign’s resolution would depend on the distance between the centers of two corresponding pixels. The lower this distance, the better is the resolution.

Needless to say, LED signboards do come with a wide range of advantages for advertisers. No surprises as to why they have gained such wide popularity. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages below.

10 Advantages of LED Signboards

LED Sign Board

  1. LED signs do ensure a higher revenue and a quicker break-even. In fact, as per research conducted, an electronic message board can make a break-even happen for a company in as little as 3 months. The reason is simple. These signboards attract more eyeballs and consequently, higher business volumes.
  2. You can reach out to a much larger target group in a much more focused manner, as compared to a static display board. An LED signboard can replay the same message many times over, thus hammering in the message in the minds of the passersby. This multiple exposures, or increased frequency of display, creates a much higher recall value for your product’s brand image.
  3. As the provider of the message, you have full control over what you want to display and how you want to do it. Customize the display timing depending on how frequently you would want to display it. You can also make quick changes to the message in response to the sudden changes in the market scenario. You can also display time-bound or event-specific offers, deals, and other attractive features in an audio-visual mode. This is bound to be much more attention-grabbing.
  4. LED signboards are also cost savers when it comes to advertising. Yes, you would need to invest some money to buy or rent an LED board. But then, you can keep changing and updating content without incurring any extra expenditure. But if you would use only banners or static signage, then you would have to get new ones printed for every new announcement or product/service advertisement. Added up, these costs would have been substantial.
  5. LED signboards do assist in saving much time and effort while changing content. Consider advertising through changeable readerboards. Here, you would need staff members to manually change the content. In inclement weather conditions, this can be a challenge. You can do this while sitting comfortably in the office.
  6. LED signboards also offer unique display options. Depending on the time of the day, you can tweak and customize your message. For example, you might want to display exciting deals for household products that the whole family uses; then you can choose to display it during the weekend evening times. Or advertise for a happy-hour scheme to the evening rush hour crowd who have just left office. Hence, you can display different content at different times, thus going for maximum customization.
  7. LED signboards are highly durable. And these digital billboards are also quite easy to maintain. That’s why they score a point over the traditional vinyl billboards. These are prone to get damaged quite easily and require regular and intricate maintenance. As a result, the more robust and easily manageable LED signboards have gained such high popularity.
  8. Billboard companies also stand to gain from LED signboards. If such a company has a digital billboard, it can lease out the same board to multiple buyers at the same time. In contrast, if it comes to the traditional static billboards, one such board can be leased out to only one buyer at a time. Thus, by updating the age-old static boards to the new-age LED ones, billboard companies can expand their customer base and also add on to their revenues.
  9. Organizations can look at higher returns on investments (ROI) when using LED signboards. They can create the ads on computers and use the LED software system to instantly upload the ads. All the organization would pay for is the ad space rental charges. But with a static billboard, the company would also have to pay for producing the ad. So, when it comes to Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, companies get to spend lesser by using LED boards.
  10. LED signboards are more environment-friendly. On average, LED signage would consume not much more than 10 watts of power. This is much less than a neon system would have consumed. And this translates into substantial financial savings for the company. Also, LED signage avoids using gases like mercury that are toxic and also other similar contaminants.

So, after going through this article, you must be aware by now of the numerous benefits of LED signboards. Don’t wait for long – convert your traditional signboards into LED ones; and enjoy a successful business consequence.

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