Offset Printing in Dubai

Offset printing is an old-fashioned technique that dates back to 1875 when it was first invented by Robert Barclay to print on a tin. However, it wasn’t until nearly three decades later when Ira Washington Rubel used the method to print on paper.

Today, offset printing is still widely used particularly in printing press companies. For many companies, this method is preferable for its low reproduction cost. However, it requires a larger minimum quantity, unlike digital printing.

Wide range of services from the top offset printing press in Dubai

Though it is widely and primarily used to publish newspapers, Al Wasl Printing Press offers clients the opportunity to use offset prints for their business purposes. We offer a wide range of offset print products, too. From brand bags and posters to menus and flyers, we have you covered.

From the flawlessness of simplicity or the beauty in complexity, we embrace every challenge we are given. Al Wasl plays with printing techniques to best suit your product. We are not limited to only one form of method. We have everything from innovative merchandising and packaging, to magazines and corporate brochures, to paperback and hardcover books and uniquely printed calendars and invitations.

Best quality offset prints and products at the most cost-effective rates

Through providing quality results and reasonably priced print packages, Al Wasl is able to provide clients with value for money and utmost customer satisfaction. We continue to upgrade our equipment, skills, and solutions to provide the highest level of service, no matter the size, quantity, or difficulty of your project.

If you need materials printed with superior precision, quality, and attention to detail, then give us a call at +971 4 451 14 14 and we can start discussing your requirements. Send your inquiry through our online contact form and one of our staff members will give you a response within just 24 hours.