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10 Reasons Why Print Remains Essential in the Digital Age

Here are 10 reasons why print remains essential in the digital age

Now that we are surrounded by an era that is driven by technology, print media has still remained a necessity among the people. But why? Contrary to any belief that the digital age has overshadowed the print media, it is still a vital component as a communication tool in every business. From newspapers to brochures to magazines, nothing has ever left the marketing space, in fact, they additionally adapted to the latest generation’s needs lining with the digital age.

Legacy of Print Media

Decades back, the information used to be disseminated in forms of woodblock printing in China & movable type printing in Korea. It was how communication used to be effective back in ancient times. But after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 AD, sparked a new revolution in Europe during the 1450s with the print of the aforementioned Bible.

At that time, printing was used to disseminate information such as that of the Renaissance, protests and enlightenment which has helped to shape human history. Since then, print has begun to evolve with technology till date, and we are now assessing the 10 reasons for print being essential even in 2024– the 21st century.

Why Print Is Considered Powerful?

Right now, you are reading this article on the digital platform. This article was written digitally, then how print is powerful? Well, this is the part of being amazed. If we carefully observe then print has always adapted to the technological advances. From writing invitation letters in beautiful calligraphy to now making them digitally with the same calligraphy, the print has a special touch in everything that shapes the information being shared.

So, here are the 10 reasons why print has an upper hand in this digital age.

  1. People Trust Print

In this world of too many fake articles, print remains intact. Since its birth in 1780, print has earned the trust of more than a million users which has added to its credibility. Information in the digital world can easily be manhandled to get clickbaits whereas the information in print is still perceived as the most reliable source of information.

  1. Tangibility

Humans have a different connection with the physical presence of reading materials. From the smell of new books to turning each page to some new information, print has a unique connection with the readers, gaining more points that keep them in the top ten reasons. Unlike digital, where it might cause headaches due to excess screen time and the direct impact of Blu-rays hurting the eyes of the reader or user, print has a unique approach and connection to the readers due to its tangibility.   

  1. Benefit of Looking Back

In this digital age, most of us have already experienced the loss of our digital files. Either they get corrupted or lost in the digital world, even after taking their back up in various places. But humans can’t remember all the places where they have taken the backup, eventually, people run out of those too.

In the case of print media, they do not get easily lost. Some of the evidences are the holy manuscripts and scriptures that have been preserved for ages. The tangibility of the books helps in longevity to ensure valuable information that can be kept intact for ages.

  1. Few to None Distraction

The thing with the digital age is that you can easily get distracted by your WhatsApp messages, other social media notifications, ads, unnecessary pop-ups and whatnot! But with print, as you get immersed in the book world or the world filled with information incase of newspapers & magazines, the distractions are few to none. It helps in better focus building and readability of the issue.

  1. Accessibility

The range of the digital components is often limited to only urban areas whereas the range of print media extends to even niche parts of the world. It helps to connect with the urban as well as rural areas regularly. Print can be afforded by users who are parred from digital gadgets or a basic need such as the internet.

  1. Education

Even though a majority of classes in the school have installed smartboards, the primary source of education still remains the numerous books and copies. Even though information is taken from the internet, they are eventually put in the form of written evidence. The libraries, whether in school, university or public libraries, education’s primary source has always been the print which is irreplaceable with digital gadgets.

  1. Visual Appeal

Print creates more of a visual appeal than digital issues which can only be seen after clicking on an article or scrolling. However, print has the capability from decades to grab a reader’s attention with just creative images. If you observe, here the gap between print and digital is bridged because the creatives are not directly made on the newspaper, rather it is done digitally and then fit in rightly within the newspaper as per the space.

  1. Advertising

An advertisement was always published either on television or in newspapers which have been considered trustworthy over time. But with advertisements on social media and irregular sites, the world has been also captivated by the fake ads that are made for click baits and fraud of money or identity. But print has always been the primary and trusted source for advertising. From outdoor posters & pamphlets to even small ads for house sales in newspapers, it targets audiences of all ages and at the exact time. It allows users to easily share without letting them just rot in the mailbox.

When job sites like LinkedIn, Apna and Indeed were not so focused on finding opportunities, people often traced their way back to the newspapers where job openings were published. The print media advertisements have a higher return on investments than any other kind.

  1. Brands

Even if there is a high chance for your ads to create a direct sale from meta ads, brands still need well-built recognition. Hundreds of brands are trying to make their online presence known; in that race, your presence might go unnoticed.

Print, on the other hand, offers a specific place in the newspaper and even outside on the billboards that gives you a chance to make a brand identity. A safe space where nothing can steal your limelight and provides the readers or viewers with the opportunity to know bits about your brand. 

  1. Engagement

Last but not least, for any form of media, engagement is an important ladder to climb. To date, the readership of printed materials has higher chances than any other form of media. It serves the local brand people more closely as it has a beneficial reach and is effective in creating an impression that lasts longer and guides directly to the local brand’s store.


Nothing in this world loses its credibility on the upcoming of any other or superior form. The idea is to blend properly with the new form, if needed give a competitive advantage over them just like print did. Today there is a bridge between the gap of print and digital which offers a seamless blend.


The print form has not left its origin ever but has started providing access to people even digitally. For youngsters who are more prevalent in the digital age than print, it has made it feasible for them to access information too. Well, everything has its pros and cons, it depends on us- humans as to how we want to use the resources to our needs.

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