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How Does Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior

Here is how does packaging affect consumer behavior

There’s the tendency of people to judge the book by its cover. While it may not be attributed to human beings, it is highly in the marketing industry. The first look for the consumers is your packaging and in fact, they are the real game changers. Packaging says a lot about your brand and your products. With a single glimpse of the packaging, consumers decide whether to purchase the product or not.

7 Things that Affect Consumer Behavior?

A backpack is required by everybody, from toddlers who use it to play basic games to adults who go to the office. In such a product, the outer packaging is given more importance as no one is going to ask you to share your backpack unlike other products like body care. They are going to appreciate how the bag is. For backpacks, the outer design is the packaging. Today we will learn how they help in sales & affect consumer behavior.

  1. Love at First Sight!

The first thing that catches the eye of a shopper looking for a backpack is its packaging– the backpack’s design. If there is not a love at first sight, then your product fails to catch the eyes of consumers. In today’s era, everyone is after the aesthetic appeal of the packaging and often goes on impulse to buy it even if that might not have the same functionality as they want. But the packaging won their heart and compelled their mind to purchase the product. This no doubt leads to immediate sales of the product because it appeals to the very first thing of consumer behavior– the eyes. 

Note: Minimalism in the design of the packaging or product is also considered visually appealing and aesthetic. Do not fill your packing with several vibrant colors just to attract the consumer. They should be perfectly synced and meaningful.

  1. Quality of The Packaging

After they have chosen a backpack based on its aesthetic appeal, all that remains for them to check is the quality of the packaging. A high-quality backpack that communicates the value of the material and the product is perceived as a highly valued product. Consumers tend to prefer those with good packaging over any other that justifies their price point.

A good quality packaging is proportional to long-term stable relationships with loyal customers. But it is only possible if you stay loyal to them too in case of quality and durability of the backpack because no one likes to see a bag torn and waste money after just a few months. 

  1. Brand Identity

Packaging is a tangible experience for the consumers. It has the power to tell its story in the packaging evoking a strong connection with the consumer. For example, when you go shopping and see a packaging where it has been written “from 1990”, it evokes a sense in the people that it is an old brand and is still in this competitive market, which means it is reliable. Other factors include consistency in the placement of the logo, the usage of color combinations and the material of packaging.

  1. Transparency

Brand’s one of the most vital things is its transparency. If they are not transparent enough, they are not fit for us or our family. The consumers look for important details on the packaging itself or its tag. The details may include the material they are made of, the level of adjustability and the quality of padding and cushioning to name a few in the case of backpacks. It creates a brand identity in the consumer’s mind that even if there is no open and seeing the product, they can still rely on their thoughtful, aesthetically appealing yet informative backpack packaging that leads to making informative decisions.

  1. Emotional Appeal

If the design of the backpack packaging resonates with the consumer and makes an emotional connection, then it becomes a plus point for the growth of the business. One of the main factors of consumer behavior is the emotional connection. Now you may ask how backpack packaging can create an emotional connection. But well dear readers, while the backpack paging focuses on information as well, we can make those emotional by stating some fact that relates to their lifestyle or a character that they choose to trust, such as in the case of Children, Winnie the Pooh or Spiderman can work wonder for the business.

  1. Appealing Features

While the consumer may not be able to examine the product directly, the packaging can stand out among the other brands by highlighting the logo, the vibrant colors and most importantly the Unique Selling Proposition of the backpack boldly on the packaging. It enhances the visibility of your product among the hundreds of other products lining the same rack. If they find the brand as a renowned and trusted one, they will swoop to that place because they know the work of your brand and eventually save time to tally with others.

  1. Functionality

Here comes the functional design of the backpack. You may have noticed the various viral backpacks that are made for traveling which are very convenient to store as many things as they want and have ease of handling the backpack even after being loaded. These are the trends in the backpack market that make them highly functional. These factors make the consumer’s experience more user-friendly. One of the other trends is eco-friendly packaging which is considered highly valuable to make appealing packaging that attracts the consumer.

What Are The Other Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior?

  • Psychological Factors
  • Social Factors
  • Cultural Factors
  • Personal Factors
  • Economics Factors


So, while designing a backpack, always pay attention to these minute details, because they are a game changer. Make sure your brand is transparent and visually appealing enough for the customers to reach out to your brand. With the right combination of everything you can make sure of a positive response in consumer behavior and your business growth. 

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